Accessing DNS Management Area

In order to access your DNS management area, go to your Client Area

  1. select domains from the menu items above, "My Domains".
  2. A list of domains in your account would be displayed.  To your right, there is a drop down next to the domain information. 
  3. Select  the drop down  and then select "Manage Domain".
  4.  On the next page to your left is a new sidebar with a set of menus under the name "manage". Select DNS Management in order to access the DNS Management screen.
  5. Here you can add your various records from A records to URl Frame.
  6. Remember to save changes when you are done editing.

Important Note: DNS record changes take 24-48 Hours to reflect. After that your changes should be effected. If not, double check your Record changes for errors. If that fails, kindly open a ticket and we will assist you.

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