Giving your developer access without sharing your own passwords

The web designer or developer will need access to domain and cPanel controls in order to perform his duties. This is how to do it without giving him or her your own credentials.

  1. log into your client area at
  2. select the drop down with "hello, 'your name ' ".

3. select contacts/sub account

4. At the next page, add the details of the designer and make sure to tick 'activate sub account' at the bottom

5. Select appropriate permission for the designer after clicking 'activate sub account'. We recommend selecting 'view products and services',  'perform single sign on', 'manage domain settings' and 'view domains'. that should be enough to allow the eb developer to work without restrictions. You can select more permissions as you see fit. You can select any email you wish they receive as well. Enter a good password and click save changes.

6. share the password with them and encourage them to change the password after first login.
NB: they can use single-sign on to log into cPanel by accessing the hosting package details page under 'my services' and locate 'log into cPanel' at the left side bar menu.

Let us know in the comments if you have questions.

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